The Gift of Gab

June 8th, 2014

Yesterday was Prince’s 56th birthday. He is one of the most influential artists in my life. I hope to one day thank him for that. Hopefully I will have some Prince worthy artwork in the  future as well.

Today is Gabby Gifford’s birthday. Her story as a victim of gun violence has had an effect on me. I watched as she spoke in congress as a gun owner as well as an advocate of taking measures to reduce gun violence. Something has to be done. Since I’m not a legislator, I painted this in honor of her. “The gift of Gab.”


June 1st, 2014

My students have informed me that no one really reads blogs anymore and that the world has moved on. I actually think that most students simply don’t read anything and it isn’t just blogs. Regardless of that, although I have had an instagram account for two years since I first purchased a smart phone, I have just started using it. For those who want to know what I’m up to and don’t read blogs regularly be prepared to follow me on instagram if you want to see what I’m up to. My instagram is under oobust of course.

Two weeks ago I posted several images for a poster I planned on putting together commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Do the Right Thing. Instead, I put these images into motion along with the help of two others. I just released the video on Vimeo.


Below are May figure drawings.

Art for Sale/Jeff Buckley

May 25th, 2014

Anyone interest in purchasing a 3×3 inch painting? Feel free to head over to the Art Order store. These are original black and white acrylic paintings that I made and were displayed at the Spectrum Live event.

On another note, here is some of the process work and recent image I made of Jeff Buckley. He drowned after being caught in the wake of a boat while taking a swim. He was at the beginning of what could have been a long and prosperous career.

Do The Right Thing 25th Anniversary

May 18th, 2014

Here are some stills from a poster I hope to complete before the beginning of June. I’ve wanted to be a part of Spike Lee movies for some time, but didn’t know how I could contribute. I ran into him one day on the street almost a year ago and introduced myself. Since the 25th anniversary of Do the Right Thing is approaching, I figured it would be perfect to make something in honor of the film.

Congratulations to Adobe Semi Finalists!

May 11th, 2014

I recently finished judging the first tier of Adobe student competition contestants to move on to the next round. I’m here sending out a congratulations to all that made it into the semifinalist round. I was excited to be apart of this process.  It is always exciting to see new talent emerging into the illustration industry. Below is an image I’m still working on for a project I’m sure to discuss sometime within the summer.

Spectrum Live/CSA+D Please vote for me!

May 5th, 2014

I will have twelve tiny black and white moderately priced paintings at the Spectrum live event next weekend. Each purchaser gets a card along with the painting. I blogged about these a few weeks ago as I painted them during the month of March. Please reach out if you purchase one and a big thanks to Jon Schindette for making this happen!


I have recently been selected as a semifinalist in an art project proposal to make limited edition Giclee prints based on select yet to be made pen and ink drawings from my Moleskine sketchbook. The initial process of making the images will start from getting feedback off of a few social networks(my blog, Facebook etc.) For example I might ask for a subject the audience wants to see(ex. manatees) or a phrase(ex. “the moment of truth”). Most of the image would be from my imagination, but some sections may be referenced from direct observation. So that’s the idea and where you come in. By voting for me you increase the chances that I will be selected to make the series.

Please click on the link, look through the artwork, and vote for me. To select finalists you must scroll to the bottom of the page and click the buttons next to the names. Also please pass on the word if you could. There are a few days left before the judging closes.

Link for voting

Link for the organization on Facebook

Thanks again!


Here are April figure drawings!

April Figure drawing

April showers bring May flowers

April 27th, 2014

A ton is happening so I’m going to keep it short.

I made this in reaction to the situation in the Ukraine. “April showers bring May flowers.” The idea that recent violence(April) brings mourning flowers to the dead in May. I can only hope that a peaceful resolution will be achieved soon.

On a happier note, if you are in NY, check out the Microvisions show at Society of Illustrators. It is one flight up from the ground floor.  Here is a sneak peak of a few of my favorites. The show will go on auction from May 19 to May 28th. It is for the Society Of Illustrators Student Scholarship Fund. Great art for a good cause.

MIcrovisions Show

April Showers May Flowers


Making a one color design/stencil

April 20th, 2014

I was recently asked to make a stencil for a project. Stay tuned for more details once the final product is available to the masses. A few things to consider was the visibility and the level of detail I could achieve for the size of the design. Black and white as a medium was the obvious way to approach it, but the main challenge was to create something that stood as one identifiable piece of art on paper. I couldn’t have any “islands” as this would make two floating pieces of paper.

Below is my process and eventual vector interpretation. Some of the initial designs had several islands so I decided to refine the one that I eventually chose. Lastly, I wanted to test it out so I printed it, cut it with an exacto knife and tested it. I like the slight mist of imperfections that came with it. Kind of feels like space which is appropriate!

she is a star

Lionel Says Hello

April 13th, 2014

All individuals cannot be condensed into one category. To say I am simply an educator, or that I draw pictures is too much of a narrow view. Anyone out there who is spending there time reading my posts will notice that sometimes I’m making things because I’m solving a problem, sometimes I’m doodling, and other times I might be trying to create something epic. In general we are all more than just what we show. One night I was drawing and I just started inking a face. It happened to look like Lionel Richie to me and my childhood memory of his song “Hello“ where he courts a blind woman resurfaced. The doodle image of Lionel below is history humor and sketching for drawing sake all wrapped up into one. You should watch the Lionel Hello video for an 80’s laugh and while you are at it, perhaps enjoy the Polices “Every breath you take ” lyrics in all of its creepiness. Good song, but is Sting a stalker or what?

Work Before Play

April 6th, 2014

I’m keeping it short this week. All I can say is that the taxes have been completed, the website is going to be updated/upgraded, and I’m currently designing mini take away cards to coincide with any mini canvases that are purchased. I am looking forward to spending some time outside in the near future. Yes the snow has melted! Below are last months figure drawing compilations.